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“The Easy Way to Add Local Community and School Information to Real Estate Websites”

Metro eGuide Community Profiles Lite Content

You select up to 50 communities. Each community appears as one web page. Additional communities are selectable from the drop down box. The featured community displays zip code, weather, community description and up to twenty website links.

Metro eGuide Community Profiles Lite for Any Community

We can build community profiles for any community in the United States. Best results if community population size is at least 1000 and is recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Metro eGuide Community Profiles Lite are Ideal for Property Listings

Easily add community information to your property listings. When the buyer selects community information on the listing the correct Metro eGuide Community Profile is opened.

Metro eGuide Link Maintenance

Every link is checked every three days and all broken links are fixed or replaced. Every linked website is viewed every sixty days to assure accuracy and safety for your customer.

The Metro eGuide Widget*

Easily add Metro eGuide Community Profiles Lite to your website using our widget. The Widget is just two lines of code that you insert into a web page. The process is designed to be simple, require minimal programming time and webmaster cost.

The widget may be placed anywhere on your website with no limit on the number of placements. The widget can be used as general community information as well as specific community information for specific listings.

Each Metro eGuide Community Profiles Widget contains all the community profiles ordered. Maximum of 12 communities per widget. The widget may be placed on multiple pages per website. Each widget may be used on only one website domain.

*Widget - A Widget is a small application with limited functionality that can be installed and executed within a web page. The widget itself will not improve your SEO or hurt it. We will give you tips to help your SEO on the pages containing the widget.

Add Metro eGuide Community Profiles Lite Widget to Your Website for as Little as $10 Per Month

Communities Month to
Month Price
Annual Price Setup Fee
1 $12 $120   ($10) $15
2 $18 $180   ($15) $20
5 $22 $216   ($18) $25
4 $26 $252   ($21) $30
5 $29 $288   ($24) $35
6 $32 $324   ($27) $40
7 $36 $360   ($30) $45
9 $40 $396   ($33) $50
9 $43 $432   ($36) $55
10 $47 $468   ($39) $60
25 $101 $1008 ($84) $135
50 $161 $1608 ($134) $210
Property Listings add $30 $300  ($25) $100
Smart Phone
add $2 per community $25


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